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Welcome to the Midwest Summit: 21st Century Learning 2017, Featuring Apple Distiguished Educators as Presenters

We are the only conference in the nation to focus exclusively on 21st Century Learning with Apple Distinguished Educators, known as the most innovative and engaging teachers in the world.
  • Discover a personalized road to learning. 
  • Problem solve with teachers from districts across the Midwest. 
  • Learn from international teacher leaders. 
  • Engage in sample activities, receive materials, and implement what you’ll learn in your classroom after the summit!

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Orr, Jon

John McGregor Secondary School
Math Curriculum Leader


Jon is the math curriculum leader at John McGregor Secondary School in the Lambton-Kent District School Board. Jon led his district by bringing iPad into the math classroom and promoted new pedagogical practices for technology use. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator who has authored three multi-touch books using iBooks Author and three iTunes U courses for math education. He is passionate about, and has led numerous workshops promoting technology & curiosity in the math classroom. You can follow his classroom lessons, routines, and educational thoughts at Mrorr-isageek.com and also on Twitter: @MrOrr_Geek

*Offering two different sessions.

Option I

Theme: Inquiry Driven Instruction with Technology

Length: 45 Minutes

Target Audience: 5th grade through 12th grade math teachers. Principals and school administrators.

Title: Curiosity & Technology: Finally, a math Class for 21st Century Learning

Experience interactive math lessons that are digital in nature, but promote collaboration instead of isolation, and curiosity instead of acceptance.  Break away from direct instruction and empower your students with resources that "uncover curriculum instead of cover curriculum" Join math teacher/curriculum leader, Apple Distinguished Educator, Jon Orr as you explore curious & collaborative math lessons from his iTunes U courses and Multi-Touch books. Session participants will not only walk away with ready-made lesson resources to use on their next class day, but a new inspiring view on learning mathematics. 

Option II

 Theme: Inquiry Driven Instruction with Technology 

Length: 45 Minutes

Target Audience: 5th grade through 12th grade math teachers. Principals and school administrators. 

Title: Exploring Student-Created Math Activities with iOS

Do you ever think you are the one doing all of the work in your math classroom? Explore opportunities to allow your students to create their own math problems and solutions. Student created math activities give students a voice and gives you the teacher a window into their understanding. This session will show you iOS tools that will allow your students (and you too) to create their very own visual math problems that they can challenge their peers with.